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    • Town of Pownal
      467 Center Street
      PO Box 411
      Pownal, VT 05261-0411
      Attn: Zoning Administrator

Pownal Zoning

The Zoning Administrator shall administer the Zoning Bylaws of the Town literally, and does not have the power to permit any land development that is not in conformance with the town's bylaws. They are responsible for enforcement of all rules and regulations pertaining to the bylaw regulations.

If the Zoning Administrator denies a request for a zoning permit, he or she must advise the applicant of that individual's right to appeal the action or decision to the Develop Review Board.

The Zoning Administrator gives a verbal warning to any person suspected of an alleged minor violation of any bylaw after it has been adopted giving them 30 days to correct the problem.

All other violations are processed as;
  • The nature of the violation (referencing the specific provisions of the bylaws is helpful).
  • That he or she has 7 days in which to "cure" the violation.
  • That he or she is not entitled to any additional warning notice for a violation occurring after the 7 days.
  • That he or she has a right to appeal the notice of violation to the Development Review Board.

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Zoning Administrator

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Michael Gardner 3 yr7/1/2023

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