Wastewater Billing Policy

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Municipal Wastewater Chief Operator
Darcy Pruden

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    Municipal Wastewater System
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    North Pownal, VT

    Monday - Friday
    7:00am - 3:30pm

    Phone: (802) 823-9814

Billing Policy

Approved: June 22, 2006
Current Revision: June 27. 2013

1. Bills are to be mailed out no later than 30 days prior to the end of the billing period.
a. Town taxes are due Nov 10th; no wastewater bills due in November.
b. Payment due dates are not split into two fiscal years.
2. Bills are mailed by the 1st and due by the last day of the month billed.
3. Town FY is Jul 1 - Jun 30.
4. The annual Wastewater Budget is prepared Feb-March period for the upcoming FY. New sewer rates appear in the bills for the 1st billing period each year.


The sewer bill for new, added, or decommissioned EU's will be based on the quarter that the physical connection/disconnection (or added/removed EU(s)) is made to the Town sewer. The new or changed sewer bill will be activated in the billing period following the quarter in which the connection/disconnection is made (no prorating).

Example: A new connection was made on August 3rd. The first sewer bill will go out based on the billing period that this date falls within. In this example, the date falls within the 1st Billing Period. Therefore, the new bill will be activated in the 2nd Billing Period, due Dec. 31st (no prorating).

Note: All outstanding sewer account balances as of June 30th will be turned over for collection by the delinquent tax collector. On July 1st of each year, all unpaid bills become delinquent and will be turned over to the delinquent tax collector. An 8% penalty of the principal amount due will be added in addition to the 1% monthly interest charge.

Duly enacted and passed this 27th day of June, 2013 by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Pownal,
State of Vermont, at a duly called and duly held meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

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