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    • Town of Pownal
      467 Center Street
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      Attn: Town Service Officer

Town Service Officer

The town service officer is charged with assisting individuals within the town who require emergency food, fuel, or shelter. He or she is the municipal official who administers the "general assistance" program after normal business hours of the Vermont Economic Services Division. This program provides emergency financial assistance to help Vermont's residents and those transients in the state who have nowhere else to tum and require support. The town service officer will provide support within program limits to assist a family or individual until the Vermont Economic Services Division office is next open. General assistance consists of financial aid for food, emergency temporary housing, clothing, transportation, electricity, fuel, and medical care.

  • The town service officer receives applications for assistance, investigates to determine eligibility, grants funds advanced to him or her for emergency general assistance, and performs such other duties, including investigations, as the state commissioner of the Department for Children and Families may direct. 33 V.S.A. § 2102.
  • When an individual contacts the service officer for assistance, the officer must determine if the individual is eligible, and then notify the district social welfare director of his or her findings. To obtain eligibility requirements, contact the Vennont Department for Children and Families Economic Services Division at 800-479-o 151. However, if the officer believes that an individual who is applying for or receiving assistance came into the state for the purpose of receiving general assistance, the service officer may find that applicant or recipient ineligible. 33 V .S.A. § 2 I 07.
  • The town service officer may provide relief to an individual who may be homeless or who is transient, so long as that individual is not found in a home, hospital, or jail. 33 V.S.A. § 2112.
  • If a person, including a transient, dies and no one comes forward to make funeral arrangements, whoever is in charge of that person must report the death to the nearest welfare officer or town service officer. 33 V.S.A. § 2111.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: Varies Upon Current Need

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