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Highway Worker

Objective/Purpose: Under the direction of the Highway Foreman, the Highway Worker provides safe and effective operation of the Town's highway and maintenance equipment and facilities through skilled, safety-focused, and efficient labor in construction projects and maintenance of municipal roads, sidewalks, vehicles, and equipment.

Job Summary: This position directly responsible to the Highway Foreman. This position requires experience in highway and bridge construction and maintenance, truck and heavy equipment operation. He/She shall have mechanical abilities, ability to document and record work, and have good communicative skills.

Duties and responsibilities:
  1. Understand and comply with policies, and State and Federal regulations.
  2. Maintenance and construction of all highways and related facilities.
  3. Perform regular maintenance schedules for all equipment and maintain records thereof.
  4. Work with all other town departments when assigned.
  5. Be available for call outs for inclement weather, or to respond to clean up accidents, fallen trees, winter weather etc.
  6. Work within the framework of the National Incident Management System emergency support functions when called upon for man-made and natural disasters.
  7. Understand work schedule prior to the start of the workweek.
  8. Attend all required meetings, and training pertaining to the position.
  9. Perform such duties and responsible as required.
  10. Report to the Highway Foreman on projects completed.
  11. Follow all Safety rules and regulations.

Knowledge skills and abilities:
  1. Possess a high school diploma
  2. Possess a minimum of 2 (two) years related construction or public works experience.
  3. Possess knowledge of material, tools and equipment used in the maintenance, repair and construction of highways, bridges and other related public works operations including safety precautions.
  4. Be able to read, interpret and comply with associated state and federal regulations, guidelines and all operations manuals
  5. Posses the ability to communicate well with the Highway Foreman, fellow employees and general public.
  6. Possess basic computer skills.
  7. Possess a current commercial driver's license, Class B with Air Brakes required.
  8. Possess an acceptable past work record.

Tools and technology:
  1. Must be able to safely operate machinery and equipment including but not limited to plow truck and wing, dump truck, loader, grader, excavator, tractor, roadside mower.
  2. Must understand Microsoft Access or similar software and demonstrated ability to quickly learn a new database software system.
  3. Experience with Microsoft Office (or similar software) including Excel, Word, and Power Point is helpful.

Physical and Mental Demands / Examples of Physical and Mental Demands:
  1. Must regularly and repeatedly lift or move up to 50 pounds 10-20 times on a daily basis.
  2. Requires dexterity to safely operate manual and power tools.
  3. Must remain alert and in a stationary, upright posture for prolonged periods of time to safely drive a municipal vehicle, including in darkness and challenging weather conditions.
  4. Must be able to abruptly switch focus 5-10 times throughout the day to address frequently changing priorities.
  5. Requires the ability to maintain mental focus to produce accurate spreadsheets and weekly reports within a noisy, open office atmosphere.
  6. Requires the ability to prioritize multiple pressing issues and make presentations to the Selectboard and the public that distill technical information into concepts and terms that are succinct and easily understood by them.
  7. Demonstrated ability to handle stressful conditions that include competing priorities, multiple constituents, and tight deadlines.

Work Environment:
  1. Examples of Work Environment/Conditions:
  2. Duties are primarily outdoors and require the ability to endure exposure to extreme weather conditions for long periods of time that last 8-12 hours per day.
  3. Duties entail intrinsic exposure to roadside danger.
  4. Frequent night and early morning work required throughout snow events in all Vermont seasons.

Learn More on the Highway Department page.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: Full Time Position

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