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Administrative Assistant

Objective/Purpose: The Administrative Assistant Performs complex clerical duties, requiring considerable decision making and a thorough knowledge of needs and responsibilities of the town and its departments. Reporting to the Selectboard, he/she has direct access to confidential and legal documents, requiring strict confidentiality and discretion.

Duties and responsibilities:
  1. Performs administrative duties, which includes those of a confidential nature.
  2. Reviews & prepares correspondence, memoranda, reports, (legal and or medical) and other material for the Selectboard. Documents minutes at meetings of the select board and at meetings elsewhere upon request by the Board of Selectman.
  3. Prepares for meetings: Prepares the meeting agenda (s). Aids in Research and development of back ground information for the select board reports.
  4. Performs assigned administrative routines, such as preparation of financial reports, annual budgets, and scheduling of various meetings.
  5. Maintain personnel records and files. Perform duties as custodian of public records, maintain records according to the town document retention schedule and state statutes.
  6. Notify the Selectboard if records violations occur contrary to state statutes.
  7. Always representing the Town of Pownal in a way that shows support for the Town of Pownal.
  8. Administrates and maintains payroll and account payable functions in a timely manner including town employee leave time.
  9. Tabulates & compiles statistical data as required.
  10. Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned, including, but not limited to following up of purchase orders & requisitions, distributing mail or receiving visitors. Assisting with the drafting of grant applications, grant administration and reimbursement. Making and cancelling appointments for the Selectboard.
  11. Manages Sewer billing, collection and sewer account maintenance.
  12. Designated Employer representative for drug and alcohol testing.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
  1. Experience & background in public administration as well as a working knowledge of computers for the execution of duties is needed. Payroll & warrant programs along with other record keeping tools used by the town of Pownal are helpful.
  2. Ability to establish & maintain a harmonious working relationship with employees & the public.
  3. Solid oral & written communication skills. Working knowledge of town regulations, procedures & functions. Must be able to apply these to work problems.
  4. Knowledge & experience of office management principles & ability to meet state & federal standards of record keeping related to select board document.

Education and Experience:
  1. College graduate with Municipal Government degree or five (5) years' experience in relevant field of work preferred. High School graduate with 5 years' experience in a municipal government role in Pownal is a minimum requirement.

  1. Excellent information technology skills.
  2. Significant experience utilizing: Microsoft products, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Word, Excel, as well as accounting and financial software.

Physical and Mental Demands:
  1. Must be able to lift 30 pounds at least 10-15 times daily.
  2. May be called upon to transit to and from various town facilities to meetings in inclement weather.
  3. Demonstrated ability to handle stressful conditions that include competing priorities, multiple constituents, and tight deadlines.
  4. Requires the ability to prioritize multiple pressing issues and make presentations to the Selectboard and the public that distill technical information into concepts and terms that are succinct and easily understood by them.
  5. Requires the ability to maintain mental focus to produce accurate spreadsheets and monthly and quarterly reports under stressful and contracted time constraints.
  6. Must be able to abruptly switch focus 5-10 times throughout the day to address frequently changing priorities.

Work Environment:
  1. Work is generally in an office atmosphere, with only occasional demand to work in an inclimate environment.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: Full Time Position

Is this an elected, appointed or a hired town position?
This is a hired position.

  Is this a paid town position?
Paid position at ~$16.43/hour plus benefits

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