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    • Town of Pownal
      467 Center Street
      PO Box 411
      Pownal, VT 05261-0411
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Runs the annual and special town/school meeting. Should have a good sense of humor, be good at group process, and have experience following Roberts Rules of Order. 17 V.S.A. ยง2646(1)

The election of a moderator is still the first order of business for Vermont town meetings held on the first Tuesday of March in municipalities not using the Australian ballot system for election of officers. Moderators are essential. Which candidate shall be elected a selectboard member or what sums the town should vote for highways are questions that cannot be settled by an "aye" or "no" vote. A moderator is needed to handle the motions, the amendments, and the process of deciding. Voters cannot do it alone.

The job of moderator has never been easy, in large measure because of the lack of firm rules to follow in the conduct of the meeting. Moderators have had to punt more often than they would prefer. Two decades ago the situation improved, in part as a result of the 1982 legislative act making Robert's Rules of Order the basic rules of order for Vermont town meetings.

Learn More. View the Moderator Guide from the State of Vermont.

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