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Tree Warden

Plans and implements a shade tree preservation program for the purpose of shading and beautifying public places. Removes diseased, dying, or dead trees; which create a hazard to public safety or threaten the effectiveness of disease or insect control programs. 24 V.S.A. §871

These green spaces are often the result of deliberate planning, planting, and care by a town's Tree Warden. While the duties of the Tree Warden may vary widely among communities, he or she is responsible for trees on public property, such as those found in town greens, schools, and within public street right-of-ways. Urban trees often suffer from inadequate or improper care, stressors from the built environment, and poor municipal planning. As Vermont continues to develop, the role of the Tree Warden is more important than ever.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: 1 hour a month

Is this an elected, appointed or a hired town position?
This is an appointed position.

Is this a paid town position?
This is an unpaid position.

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