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Mailing Address:
  • Town of Pownal
    467 Center Street
    PO Box 411
    Pownal, VT 05261-0411

  • Attn: Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Select Board to bring "agency" to their authority in & about the Town they govern; "Especially as pertaining to animals" The Board's authority and responsibilities in regard to ensuring compliance with State and local laws and ordinances are transferred to their Agent: The ACO or Dog Officer.

Learn More on the Animanl Control page.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: Is varied depending on situations that arise.

Is this an elected, appointed or a hired town position?
This is an appointed position.

  Is this a paid town position?
Position is paid a stipend of $13.00/hour.

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