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Town of Pownal Fireworks

HOSTED BY: The Pownal Valley Fair Committee (Community Organization)

PURPOSE: This document serves to show the Town of Pownal and all other interested parties how the Pownal Valley Fair Committee plans to adhere to State COVID-19 guidelines for their fireworks display, scheduled for August 1, 2020.

BACKGROUND: The Pownal Valley Fair has a long history of hosting an annual community fair, which includes a fireworks display in the evening. Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the Committee cancelled the fair portion of this annual event. The committee still plans to host the fireworks display with the following considerations:

LOCATION: The fireworks display is not being "hosted" on the fairgrounds.
  • Families who can view the fireworks from their homes and properties are encouraged to do so.
  • The North portion of the parking lot at the Green Mountain Racetrack will be open for families to come and view the fireworks display.

  • Attendees are asked to watch the fireworks display from their cars.
  • Attendees are encouraged to remain in their cars. If they sit outside of their cars, they are asked to stay within 6 feet of their car and to maintain social distance. Masks encouraged.
  • Cars are to be parked at least 6 feet apart.
  • There will be no large gatherings outside of cars.
  • No tailgating.
  • No loitering. All attendees must leave the parking lot after the fireworks display.

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