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Vintage Motocross Event - Dean Road

August 15-16th, 2020
PURPOSE: This document serves to explain to participants and residents in the hosting town our plan to stay within State COVID-19 State of Emergency guidelines.

BACKGROUND: AHRMA-NE is the umbrella organization for our Vintage Motocross event being held at Dean Rd. In 2018 we had 49 participants and in 2019 we had 46 participants for this event. With guests, we have never had more than 75 people present. All participants must pre-register, so we are able to control amount of people. Also, we do not anticipate being anywhere close to the limit of 150 people present (which is Vermont's cap for larger gatherings in the State of Emergency).


As a nation and independent states, we are "not out of the woods" just yet, but it's getting closer to start getting back to normal - but it will be a new normal for quite some time. Life dealing with the Covid-19 virus will be different for sure. When we get the green flag to start riding again, we may be able to salvage our season if we all follow a number of procedures to do the best we can to protect each other. Our events are fun. We all attend them for different reasons, but it's about having fun on old bikes. Nobody is forcing you to attend, so it's by your own free will that you race our series. Requirements noted below will be in effect but ultimately you have to decide whether the risk of possibly contracting a virus is worth attending. If you do choose to attend, it is your obligation to follow the rules listed below. These procedures are requirements, not suggestions. If you do not feel you can or will follow them, then stay home for the safety of OTHERS.

Riding bikes through the woods is not the problem. The issues are at the gate, parking, sign-up, food vendor, awards and the starting line to name a few. So for the safety of everyone involved, here is the plan that we MUST all follow - no exceptions for the ignorant or unaware!

1. Conduct yourself as if YOU are a carrier of this virus. At all times each of us MUST respect the 6' "social distance" requirement. IF the state has a MASK mandate in effect for groups in addition to social distancing, come prepared, you must wear a nose/mouth covering. Do not shake hands, fist bump or any other touching. *WE ENCOURAGE MASK WEARING WHEN SOCIAL DISTANCING IS NOT POSSIBLE, no matter what the State mandate is.

2. Arriving/Gate: The gate fee drop box, Waiver/Release form, and Rider Information Sheet will be on a table. Bring your own pen to have all adults sign the Waiver/Release form. Deposit the gate fee ($10 per person 12 and over) in the drop box. Bring exact bills. Take a copy of the event's Rider Information Sheet which will take the place of our traditional Rider's Meeting. READ the Rider Info Sheet!!!

3. Parking: Although parking at some events is tight, we are requiring you to park with at least 6' of space on either side of your vehicle. If you are camping: No parties around the campfire (if permitted) with more than 10 people attending and maintaining social distance.

4. Sign up: Bring your helmet and your own pen. DO NOT bring anyone else with you to the sign up area. We will have one-way traffic in and out of sign up and you will need to stay 6' apart (we will try to have 6' space markings) wearing your face mask. At the first table, fill in the small classification form(s). At the second table hand in your classification form(s) and complete sign-up. Bring exact bills and your AHRMA card if you want the member discount.

5. Food: For the first few races we will not have a food vendor present, so bring your own food/drink.

6. Riders Meeting: IMPORTANT!!!! WE WILL NOT HAVE OUR "TRADITIONAL" GROUP RIDERS MEETING. All information will be listed on the Rider Information Sheet you picked up at the gate. READ IT. FOLLOW IT. There will also be a sign near the sign up area with the day's schedule of events...site lap time...race times etc. Obviously those times will be approximate as we progress through the day.

7. Starting line: Helmets must be worn when on a bike AND waiting in the start area. If possible, stay on your bike. Do not bring bystanders to the line. We will do our best to limit the number of riders per row to help spread out the distance between each rider. The start rows will be clearly marked with the class line ups. It is your responsibility to be in the correct row or risk penalty/disq.

8. Scoring area: Under no circumstance are riders, spectators or pit crew allowed to be within 20' of the score-keeping people... STAY AWAY for your safety and theirs!

9. Results: Will be printed and posted at several locations. Take a picture of them with your phone and then leave the area so others can do the same while maintaining distance. If you qualified for an award, there will be a check mark and highlight on your name. There is generally 1 award per every 3 riders entered in the class. You can pick up your award at the sign up location and it will be self service. Results will also be posted on Mototally by the following day so if you want to leave right after your race is over, you can still see how you did, but it cannot be guaranteed that you will have an award to pick up at the following round.

If we all do our part and follow these basic requirements, we can still have a great time racing our old dirt bikes. Sorry, but for now the rule is be anti-social and be healthy.

ARRIVAL: Outline of the COVID-19 AHRMA-NE vintage motocross race entry process:

From the Forms link on the AHRMA Northeast Facebook page. Please download and print the entry forms and NE-VRC (Vintage Riders Club) Membership form (note: Mid-Atlantic membership accepted) to fill out in advance and bring with you to the event. Riders need to bring their own pen, face masks, exact $ cash for gate, club and entry fees.

Note: 5 separate labeled tables, social distanced with money bins as follows: First table on entrance road, $10 gate fee, money bin, release form to sign, and extra forms.

4 separate class entry EZ ups with tables and money bins, social distanced. 1st, NE-VRC Membership form deposit bin and $20 money bin (Mid-Atlantic membership accepted for Ashcraft Farm)

2nd, Vintage Classes, money bin, extra entry forms and entry form deposit bin, release form to sign

3rd, PV and Pre-Modern Classes, money bin, extra entry forms and entry form deposit bin, release form to sign

4th, Next Gen 1987-1997 Steel Frame and 2-stroke motocross bikes up to 1999 Classes, money bin, extra entry forms and entry form deposit bin, release form to sign.

The coordinators will be standing near these 4 class entry EZ-UPS to answer questions.

CAMPING: If you are coming from out of state and plan to camp for this event, you MUST follow these guidelines:
  • Residents of other states who live in counties across New England and New York that have a similar active COVID-19 caseload to Vermont may enter the state for leisure travel without quarantining.
  • Residents of other states who live in a quarantine county in New England and New York or from any other state not identified on the map, must follow quarantine guidelines:
  • Effective June 15, 2020: Travelers arriving to Vermont in a personal vehicle, may complete either a 14-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine followed by a negative test in their home state and enter Vermont without further quarantine restrictions.

**If you are coming from an area that requires quarantining first, you must sign the Vermont Camping Compliance Form: Located here.


Ivan Beattie - Assistant Event Organizer

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