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A Call for Personal Memories and Photos of the Center Street Church

center st church
The Town is working on an application for an Historical Preservation Grant to address needs of the Center Street Church (roof repair and paint). As part of the application, we would like to create a "scrapbook" of memories/stories/photos/documents of the Church through the years. If we get enough submissions, we will be able to also turn this scrapbook into a commemorative book that could potentially be sold to help raise money for our portion of the repairs (this is a 50/50 matching grant that will fund up to 40k in projects). This Church has enormous personal significance to many families here in Pownal. It also has profound historical significance to our town, and Vermont as a whole. We want to make whatever efforts we can to maintain and restore this beautiful building. Send any pictures and stories you have to info@townofpownal.org

If you don't feel like much of a writer, but want to share your memories, email and I will call you to speak with you and write your stories and memories for you. Likewise with pictures, if you don't have access to a scanner, etc... email or call the town office and I will arrange a time to come and make copies of your pictures and documents. We feel confident that this is a project that Pownal can really get behind. Stay tuned, as we hope to create opportunities to fundraise for our portion of the work. That way we can really say that Pownal pulled together and accomplished this important project in unity!

Certainly, many people with memories and photos will not be on facebook...so please share this information with anyone you can think of....

Rebecca Dragon

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