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Town of Pownal Receives Spark Grant for the Purchase of Seasonal Ice Skating Rink


The newly formed Pownal Parks and Rec Committee applied for and was awarded a Spark Community Grant in the amount of $1,500.00 for the purchase of a seasonal ice-skating rink, portable fire pits, and a water tank for maintenance. The ice-skating rink will be set up on the Center Street Park.


  • In September of 2020, Board Liaison Rebecca Dragon asked for permission from the Pownal Selectboard to organize a Pownal Parks and Rec Committee for the purposes of discussing future grant opportunities for recreational opportunities the Town-Owned Forest Land. The Committee was formed with 6 foundational members.
  • The Committee quickly began brainstorming ideas for outdoor recreation opportunities not only on Town-Owned Forest, but on other town-owned lands as well most notably the Center Street Park on the Pownal Town Green.
  • In order for a Town to qualify for larger grant programming, it must show the "capacity" to be able to receive and facilitate grant funding and programming. It also must be able to show capacity to maintain any created resources received through grant programming. Therefore, the Parks and Rec Committee decided to center its focus on smaller manageable opportunities for recreational development on the Center Street Park/Town Green. The hope is that with the accomplishment of several smaller projects, the Town will be positioning itself to receive larger grant funding for more expansive and complicated projects in the years to come.
  • The Board Liaison approached the Selectboard at the last meeting to ask for their approval for Parks and Rec Committee to focus their efforts and agenda on recreational development and events on Center Street Park (for the purposes of building capacity), and the Board approved.
  • The Committee supported and helped with the fundraising for and organization of the Pownal Tree Lighting and Holiday Lights Map.
  • After the success of the Holiday Lights, the Committee is turning its efforts to the purchase of a seasonal ice-skating rink that will be placed on the tennis court at Center Street Park. Also included in the Spark Grant is the funding to purchase portable fire pits and a water tank/special tools to maintain the rink during the skating season.
  • The Parks and Rec Committee is asking for community volunteers to join in this project. Needs are: setting up the rink, setting up fire pits, donations of firewood and some way to store, help creating signage, helping maintain the rink with the water tank and special tools, help storing the rink in the off season.
  • Other ideas in the works for the Committee: community-sourced and built skate/bike/scooter ramps and a pump track for Center Street Park.
  • The Committee is seeking community involvement through donation of time, resources, ideas, and neighborly energy. Anyone wanting to be involved can reach out to the Board Liaison and Chair of Parks and Rec Rebecca Dragon at board.liaison@townofpownal.org

Rebecca Dragon, Board Liaison

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