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Revised Draft Pownal Town Plan

We would like to thank all of those who commented on the draft town plan and who attended the public hearings in September. We are posting 1) summaries of comments provided at the public hearings and our responses, 2) summaries of written comments provided and our responses, and 3) a revised draft plan. The draft plan shows areas that have been added, underlined and those deleted crossed out.

In revising the plan, we also made a variety of edits to clarify sections, add consistency to the organization of the plan, and add information that would further address comments and concerns that were raised. Here are the major changes:

  1. In 3.2.3, The Planning Commission took out the discussion of mobile homes. In addition, throughout the document, the Planning Commission replaced mobile home with manufactured home.
  2. Revised 3.3.1 to remove the emphasis on mobile homes.
  3. In 3.4.2, removed parts of the discussion on potential large employers, and revised other parts of that section.
  4. Revised the goals in 3.5. Also, the Planning Commission revised the section numbering, which had been incorrect in the previous version of the draft plan.
  5. Also in 3.5, the Planning Commission moved actions around as some actions were not located in association with the appropriate goals and objectives.
  6. This largely had to do with the goal on fostering the arts, so please see if any other changes are needed.
  7. In Natural Resources, the Planning Commission added a new section 4.7.1 Regionally Significant Resources, to describe the importance of the Taconics and the Green Mountains. The Planning Commission retained the unique natural features in a subsection, but as those are very site-specific, we did not list the Taconics, a large area, in with Krieger Rocks, for instance. Instead, we created a new section called regionally significant resources, where we discussed the Taconics and the Green Mountains.
  8. The Planning Commission made a variety of editorial changes in Sections 5, 6 and 7.
  9. The Planning Commission made major changes to 8.0 to clarify state requirements as well as the siting criteria I for new energy projects. The Planning Commission felt it important to clarify exactly what is required for a plan to have "deference" before the PUC.
  10. Rather than a glossary, The Planning Commission defined various terms and organizations in footnotes where they were first mentioned.

Because we are highlighting changes, the table of contents, the tables of figures and tables the reference section, and other parts of the plan still need to be edited, which we will do once we finalize this draft. View Draft

Planning Commission Responses to written comments on the Town Plan - Public Hearings
Document 1
Document 2

We are posting all of these on the Pownal Town website at: https://townofpownal.org Copies will also be available in the Town Office, Winchesters, Village Market, Pownal Post Office, North Pownal Post Office and emailed to the residents who attended the two Public Hearings.

I would also like to inform the residents of Pownal the Pownal Planning Commission will be having another Public Hearing on Tuesday December 12, 2017 at the Pownal Elementary School (Gym) at 7:00 p.m.

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