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Update on the Proposed Town Hall Project

Much was accomplished this past week. Meetings held with the Selectboard and town employees resulted in final decisions for various office spaces.

Going forward, Chuck, Pownal's I.T. person will determine placement of the computer connections, necessary information, for the final plan. A final plan is required in order to obtain a local building permit followed by an appearance before Pownal's Development Review Board (DRB).

This Town Hall Project merges two intriguing techniques - contemporary factory building and preserving one of Vermont's few remaining one room school houses. According to Julia Rocchi, Director of Digital Content for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, "Pre-World War II buildings tended to be built with higher-quality materials such as rare hardwoods (especially heart pine) and wood from old-growth forests that no longer exist." Even the Schoolhouse slate roof proves its integrity; slate is extremely heavy requiring beefed up structure. Further, another measure that helped preserve it occurred around 1930 when the Schoolhouse was lifted up and placed on a full concrete basement. Its plus 170 years has stood the test of time.

And Importantly, by moving our Schoolhouse to the new site - the ($22,500) cost is significantly less than the alternative to purchase material and labor to duplicate its 936 square feet. Additionally the Schoolhouse special features include a series of 7' high windows, original pressed tin ceiling, and hardwood floors in great condition.

The design of this new Town Hall will provide sufficient space to carry Pownal thru to the next century; the buildings integrity will support those decades.

Pauline Guntlow, Designer/Project Manager

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