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COVID-19 Update - Town Departments

Letter to the Selectboard


From the Pownal Highway Dept., Pownal Transfer Station, and WWTF

The departments will continue to function as normal as long as we can, we will take certain precautions for the well being of the staff. We can monitor the outbreak, keep our people separated, only one person in a vehicle when applicable and keep apart when working as best as we can. We have spoken to the towns around us to insure we have coverage if need be and told them we would also reciprocate if they needed help. This is a time when we need to pull together.

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact us. Continue to be safe and well.

Joel Burrington, Highway Foreman
Phone: (802) 442-2056
Cell: (802) 375-3150
E-Mail: pownal.highway@townofpownal.org

Tom Shuey, Transfer Station Supervisor
Cell: (802) 379-1470
E-Mail: pownal.transferstation@townofpownal.org

Darcy Pruden, Chief Operator
Phone: (802) 823-9814
E-Mail: darcy.pruden@townofpownal.org

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