The Board of Civil Authority meets when necessary. All agendas will be posted and meetings will be added to the Town Calendar.

Pownal Board of Civil Authority

The Pownal Board of Civil Authority ("BCA") is required by 32 V.S.A. Chapter 131 to conduct appeal hearings of lister property valuation decisions. The Board is formed by the members from the Select Board, Justices of Peace, and the Town Clerk.

The purpose of these rules is to establish uniform procedures for conducting such appeal hearings and to ensure compliance with Vermont's Open Meeting Law. The BCA also determines voter eligibility, and hears appeals of Lister grievance decisions, conducts tax assessment appeals.

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Current Roster

Select Board: Term Expiration
Ron Bisson 1 yr2021
Mike Gardner 3 yr2023
Bob Jarvis 3 yr2021
Harry Jamie Percey 3 yr2022
Angie Rawling 1 yr2021
Justices of Peace:
Nelson Brownell 2 yr2021
Cindy Brownell 2 yr2021
Jenny Dewar 2 yr2021
Al Lafontaine 2 yr2021
Jon Peaslee 2 yr2021
Harry Percey 2 yr2021
Harry Jamie Percey, Jr. 2 yr2021
Megan Randall 2 yr2021
Amelia Silver 2 yr2021
James Winchester 2 yr2021
Town Clerk:
Julie Weber 3 yr2021

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