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The town currently has 17 vacancies to fill.

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Michael Walker

Admin. Assistant to the Town Administrator

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Linda Sciarappa
Steve Zelman
Tracy Desautels 3 yr2021


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Dave Adams 1 yr2020
Crystal Gardner 1 yr2020
Tom Lenkowski 1 yr2020
Vacant 3 yr2021
Walter Klinger 3 yr2022
The Board of Abatement is formed by members of; the Select Board, Justices of Peace, Board of Listers, the Treasurer, and the Town Clerk.

Conservation Commission

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Vacant 4 yr2022
Vacant 4 yr2022
Vacant 4 yr2022
David Dence, Jr. 4 yr2020
Ellen Strohmaier 3 yr2021
Vacant 3 yr2020
John Bushee 3 yr- alt.
David Dence, Jr. 3 yr2022
Marc Freedman 3 yr- alt.
Matthew Gardener 3 yr2021
Michael Slattery 3 yr2021
Syd Smithers 3 yr2021
Karl Strohmaier 3 yr2020

E911 Coordinator

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Priscilla Maxon 2 yr2021

Fence Viewers

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Vacant 1 yr
Vacant 1 yr
David Dence, Jr. 1 yr2020
Michael Batcher
Joel Burrington
Becky Levine
Craig O'Dell
Harry Jamie Percey Jr.
Michael Walker
James Winchester

Health Officer

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Vacant - Bryan Harris
3 yr6/30/2022
Joel Burrington

Home Health Representative

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Inspector of Lumber and Shingles

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David Dence, Jr. 1 yr2020

Justices of Peace

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Nelson Brownell * 2 yr2021
Cindy Brownell * 2 yr2021
Jenny Dewar *2 yr2021
Al Lafontaine 2 yr2021
Jon Peaslee 2 yr2021
Harry Percey 2 yr2021
Harry Jamie Percey, Jr. 2 yr2021
Megan Randall *2 yr2021
Amelia Silver 2 yr2021
James Winchester 2 yr2021
* Means they will perform marriages.
Vacant Chairman1 yr2020
Wendy Jordan Bisson Secretary1 yr2020
Jodi Morrison 1 yr2020


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Timothy Holbrook 1 yr2020
Ronald Bisson 4 yr2023
John Bushee 4 yr2022
Michelle Pekrol 4 yr2021
Rosemarie Pelletier 4 yr2020
Megan Randall Clerk4 yr2021
Michael Slattery Chair4 yr2020
Syd Smithers Vice Chair4 yr2021
Barbara True-Weber 4 yr2023
James Winchester 4 yr2023
Jessica Witherell Secretary

Pound Keepers

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Vacant 1 yr
Vacant 1 yr

Recreation Board

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Tracy Bicking 3 yr2021
Crystal Gardner 3 yr2021
Shannon McLenithan 3 yr2021
Bryan Harris - Chair1 yr2020
Bob Jarvis 3 yr2021
Marlena Pellon 1 yr2020
Harry Jamie Percey - Clerk3 yr2022
Elizabeth Rowe - Vice Chair3 yr2020

Surveyor of Wood

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David Dence, Jr. 1 yr2020

Town Agent

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Rebecca Dragon 1 yr2020
Julie Weber 3 yr2021

Town Fire Warden

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Craig O'Dell 5 yr6/30/2020
Tom Shuey
Ellen Strohmaier 3 yr2021

Tree Warden

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David Dence, Jr. 3 yr2020

Trustee of Public Monies

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VT Emerg. Mgt Coordinator

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Craig O'Dell 1 yr2020
Darcy Pruden
Michael Gardner 3 yr7/1/2022

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