Animal Control Officer

Dog Licenses

Please remember to register your dogs by April 1st of each year.

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pownal vt animal control
  • Town of Pownal
    467 Center Street
    Pownal, VT 05261
Mailing Address:
  • Town of Pownal
    467 Center Street
    PO Box 411
    Pownal, VT 05261-0411
    Attn: Animal Control Officer

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Animal Control Officer
Leonard Cote
(802) 379-8771

The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Select Board to bring "agency" to their authority in & about the Town they govern; "Especially as pertaining to animals" The Board's authority and responsibilities in regard to ensuring compliance with State and local laws and ordinances are transferred to their Agent : The ACO or Dog Officer.

Pownal's Dog and Wolf Hybrid Ordinance is enforced by the ACO & State Statutes like the requirement that "All dogs will be licensed in their Town of residence, by April first (1st) of each year, subject to penalty for late registration." Licensing requires the presentation of dog's certificate of rabies vaccination, valid at least thru the day the license is purchased. See; Licensing Information

In VT dogs held for five business days with public posting and due diligence efforts to locate an owner, may be deemed acquired property. A citizen may follow this acquisition process same as a Town. Dogs collected and held by ACO may not be released to owner if they're over 6 months old and are not vaccinated against rabies - according to State Law - until rabies certificate can be obtained or the vaccination administered by VT certified Veterinary professional. Any dog may be seized for not having collar & license. Seized dogs are impounded at approximately $20.00 daily board fees and potentially veterinary fees; As State Law obliges the ACO to have dogs vet checked promptly should any doubts, or obvious health concerns, arise while in custody.

Dogs that go unclaimed and become Town property, are surrendered primarily to Berkshire Humane Society, Barker La, in Pittsfield MA. (413) 447-7878

Emergency Contacts
  • Game Warden (802) 442-4383
  • Bennington Animal Control (802) 442-1048
  • State Police (802) 442-5421

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