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Administrative Assistant

A.) The Administrative Assistant reports to the select board.
B.) He/she performs duties for the select board. Serves as representative of the board. Performs complex clerical duties, requiring considerable decision making and a thorough knowledge of needs and responsibilities of the town and its departments.

  • College graduate with Municipal Government degree or five (5) years experience in relevant field of work preferred. High School graduate with 5 years experience in a municipal government role in Pownal is a minimum requirement.
  • Experience & background in public administration as well as a working knowledge of computers for the execution of duties is needed. Payroll & warrant programs along with other record keeping tools used by the town of Pownal are helpful.

Approximate Time Required for this Position:
Time Commitment: Full Time Position

Is this an elected, appointed or a hired town position?
This is a hired position.

  Is this a paid town position?
Paid position at ~$16.43/hour plus benefits

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