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Meet Michael Arthur Walker - the new Town Administrator

Michael A. WalkerWe are delighted to introduce Michael A. Walker, Pownal's new Town Administrator. You will not find anyone more dedicated to public administration then Michael. He has a proven track record of fiscal management and experience in a variety of public administrative activities. He has been an adjunct professor of Public Administration at Anna Maria College in Paxton Mass., as well as an active member of the American Society of Public Administration. He has a Master of Public Administration with Distinction from the Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University. He served in the United States Navy for 17 years.

Under Michael's management, Emergency medical services, fire, police, administration and civilian agencies functioned as an integral unit that met changing service paradigms due to his efforts in collaboration. He has been an active participant in community development, budget and projects that have lead to enhanced service, such as coordinating construction of a City Library and removal of blighted buildings.

Michael's career reflects progressive and strategic thinking. There are over 40 communities in the United States, including Tacoma, Washington, and Houston, Texas who are applying the Emergency Response and Public Safety model he developed as Technical Advisory Committee Chair for S.T.A.R.; Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating Communities. Michael develops organizational priorities; planning, personnel and budgets to reflect shifts in service paradigms. Examples include: drafting legislation in New Hampshire improving Emergency Management Training, development of Groundwater Sensitivity Modeling for Hazardous Materials Response and E911 Regionalization.

Michael has had opportunity to speak to a myriad of public service disciplines. He has spoken to international convention audiences and has been published. He has developed several professional programs and has presented as an annual speaker at the North Country EMS Conference in Conway, NH., and Regional Water Operations conferences in Mass.

Michael enjoys playing the drums and all outdoor activities. He is eager to volunteer for our fire department and rescue squad. He is moving to Pownal with his life partner, Faith and will begin as Town Administrator of July 16. Please join the select board in saying WELCOME TO POWNAL MICHAEL AND FAITH!

Jenny Dewar - Select Board Member

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