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Adoption of Pay as You Throw Ordinance

The Town of Pownal, in Bennington County, Vermont, has amended the ordinance to implement variable rate pricing, also known as "pay-as-you-throw."
  • Article I states that the purpose of the ordinance is too decrease the disposal of solid waste, increase recycling and composting and increase the diversion and reuse of materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills.
  • Article II lists the statutory authority of the ordinance as Title 24, Chapter 59, Section 1971 and Title 24, Chapter 61, Subchapter 8, Section 2202a of the Vermont Statutes. Municipalities were required to adopt variable rate pricing under Title 24, Chapter 61, Subchapter 8, Section 2202a (d).
  • Article III provides definitions related to the management of solid waste.
  • Article IV requires haulers and facilities to charge residential customers for managing municipal solid waste based on either weight or volume.
  • Article V provides for haulers and facilities to charge a flat fee for operational costs for collecting, transporting and disposing of municipal solid waste as well as fees for materials such as food and yard residuals or bulky items. Haulers and facilities may not charge for mandated recyclables after July 1, 2015.
  • Article VI requires haulers and facilities to file and submit evidence of their pricing system including a breakdown of all fees.
  • Article VII provides for registration of haulers with the Town of Pownal and information that may be required for registration. The requirements for and reporting on quantities of municipal solid waste, organics and mandated recyclables collected on a quarterly basis is repealed.
  • Article VIII lists penalties and enforcement mechanisms for this ordinance.
  • Article IX designates the Bennington County Sheriff's Department as the law enforcement authority for this ordinance.
  • Article X repeals any inconsistent ordinances.
  • Article XI provides for severability so that if a part of this ordinance is found invalid, the remainder will not be affected.
  • Article XII states the ordinance will become effective 60 days from the adoption of August 3, 2015.

A copy of the ordinance may be obtained from: Linda Sciarappa, Selectmen's Assistant, Town of Pownal, 467 Center Street, Pownal VT. Phone (802) 823-0132, email: pownallcs@comcast.net


Michael S. Batcher, Bennington County Regional Commission, 111 South St., Suite 203, Bennington, VT 05201, (802) 442-0713 x2, email: mbatcher@bcrcvt.org. or from the Bennington County Solid Waste Alliance website at www.bcswavt.org

Voters of the Town of Pownal must submit a petition for a vote disapproving the proposed amendment to, Linda Sciarappa, Selectmen's Assistant Town of Pownal by November 25, 2017 if they feel this amendment should not be adopted. Otherwise the ordinance will become effective on December 11, 2017 (60 days after adoption).

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